The TerraPi is a vertical mount case for the Raspberry Pi, that uses the SSD drive as the main body to mount on the components. It comes in single SSD and dual SSD drive configurations. It is produced by INUX3D™  with 3D printing (additive manufacturing)  process.

All versions of Raspberry Pi are supported as well as other SBC such as Rock Pi, Banana Pi and others. The Raspberry Pi 2 is supported but it does not support external disk over USB due to power limitations.

The TerraPi comes in 3 different colors and Single SSD and Dual SSD configuration

The fan hat is designed for 40x40mm fans, ideally 10mm high, or less. It is also possible to use the TerraPi without a fan hat. The kit comes with 4 mounting screws, that secure the Pi board directly on the SSD clips.

The TerraPi is intended to be used primarily as a headless setup. It is ideal for server applications, such as OpenMediaVault (OMV) and OwnCLoud / NextCloud and other storage server software. Its small footprint takes less space on the desktop and keeps cables tidy.

Single SSD Red

Single SSD Blue

Single SSD Black

Dual SSD Red

Dual SSD Blue

Dual SSD Black

When using 2 SSD drives, it is reccomended to have the official RaspberryPi power supply or any other PSU that provides at least 2.4 Amperes (A) to facilitate the power draw of the two drives. It is not reccomended to use SATA drives as they consume more power/

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Customer Testimonials

  • Thank you for making such amazing cases!
    — Roberto – Italy
  • Thank you!  You will see me again.  Clearly, you offer GREAT customer service
    — Phil M.
  • Your vertical stand has done exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks for the product.
    — Greg K – Boston
  • The TerraPi cases are great! It was easy to assemble one with a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Samsung 128GB SSD. The Raspberry Pi OS USB boot worked perfectly, too.

    — -george
  • I like the functional minimalistic design of this case!
    — George G.