The TerraPi Cases Support Page

Here you can find the assembly instructions for all TerraPi Models since July 2020.
In December 2020, we have made a modification to the base designs. We since then are using M2.5 mounting bolts for the Pi boards for better compatibility with other 3rd party components, such as the Q aluminum heatsink. All other components remain unchanged.
Depending on when you bought your TerraPi please look below to find the appropriate PDF for your model.

The TerraPi Xtreme Assembly instructions
(step-by-step) PDF

TP Extreme Duo Assembly Instructions v1.1 SK EN

TerraPi Dual SSD Assembly instructions

TerraPi Q SSD Assembly instructions

TerraPi Q Assembly Guide

If you are having speed issues with your USB3 to SATA adapter, please have a look at this thread

Below are the individual components of the TerraPi.
In the box, are 2 sets of mounting screws for the Single SSD and 3 sets for the Dual SSD.

Single SSD Set 1 (Nut &Bolt Bag)  contents:
4x M3x6mm
4x M3x16mm
4x M2.9×6.5mm

Single SSD Set 2 (SSD Base Bag)  contents:
2x M3x4mm
2x M3x5mm

Dual SSD Set 1 (Dual SSD Bag) additional contents:
6x M3x6mm